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Kenyans attack DP Ruto for claiming Raila is out to sabotage his 2022 presidential plans

Raila Odinga’s name is synonymous with all manner of political conspiracies. No wonder many refer to him as a political enigma.
If he is not plotting to topple the government, he is planning to sabotage it. Every political move he makes is not only keenly watched by the state security agencies but also by his political opponents.
The government and also his political opponents portray him as a trouble-rouser who is capable of doing anything to achieve his desired political goals.

Mr Raila Odinga flanked supporters in the US. PHOTO/FACEBOOK
From the dictatorial regime of President Daniel arap Moi, his predecessor Mwai Kibaki to now President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime, the propaganda script against Mr Odinga is the same.
Now  the latest conspiracy against the son Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, President  Jomo Kenyatta’s vice President, is that he is planning to bring down President Kenyatta’s government through his newly formed National Resistance Movement (NRM).

And his visit to the US at the invitation of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) where he addressed various issues afflicting Kenya has sparked an outrage against DP William Ruto, for claiming that Mr Odinga was using the US trip to sabotage his presidential ambitions in 20122.
Mr Ruto tweeted: “So Tinga went all the way to the USA to seek support to scuttle the possibility of a son of peasant from being elected prezo on 2022! Balaa!”

Kenyans on social media reacted with anger to Mr Ruto’s comments and below are some of the comments they shared on both Facebook and Twitter:

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir said it was not only an honour that Mr Odinga was invited to address an international audience at CSIS but he had also made the country proud.

Former aide of Mr Odinga, lawyer Miguna Miguna said he was in NRM to stay and push for the final liberation of Kenya.


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