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Mombasa tycoon TSS kin in property ownership row

Former Lamu West Mp Fahim Twaha whose wife Fatma Tahir Sheikh is among those embroiled in the TSS family property feud.
A property ownership row has erupted among family members of Mombasa tycoon Tahir Sheikh Said popularly known as TSS.
This follows an attempt by some members of the family to change the ownership of TSS Pop-Inn Service Station in Nairobi and other properties registered under the name.
The feud pits Fatma Tahir Sheikh, wife of former Lamu West MP, Fahim Twaha, together with her two younger brothers Noorein Sheikh Tahir and Tauhida Tahir Sheikh against their other brother Sabir Tahir Sheikh Said.
The four are now embroiled in a legal tussle at the High Court in Mombasa.
Sabir is challenging the three’s decision to claim ownership of three motor vehicles, two trailers and three 30,000 liter fuel tankers.
Sabir has accused his younger brother Noorein of Transmara Logistics Limited of alleged fraud and abuse of fiduciary.
Sabir, through his counsel Muriu Mungai of Muriu Mungai and company advocate accused Fatma, Noorein and Tauhida of fraudulently and illegally divesting TSS Pop-Inn Service Station of its right to own the vehicles.
The counsel accused Fahim’s wife and the other two of purporting to be the board of directors of the service station in June this year knowing that the resolution was going to benefit them.
In the countersuit, Sabir’s counsel said the National Transport and Safety Authority [NTSA] purported to receive registration of proprietorship of the motor vehicles without valid consideration.
Sabir accused his sister and two brothers of illegally passing a board resolution transferring the motor vehicles to themselves while they were not bonafide directors of the petrol station.
“My brother [Noorein] is the mastermind behind the passing of the unlawful board resolution,” Sabir alleged through his lawyer.
Sabir refuted claims by Noorein that he is the owner of the three motor vehicles, two trailers and three fuel tankers.
Sabir’s counsel said his client was the bonafide owner of the property which is registered under their father’s TSS Pop-Inn -Service Station in Nairobi.
Sabir, whose suit was before Justice Lady Njoki Mwangi dismissed his brother’s claims that he will suffer loss if he is allowed to retain the property.
“Let Noorein prove that he owns the property listed in this suit and prove the loss and damages he will incur if I retain the property,” he said.
Sabir’s counsel said his client is entitled to the repossession and use of all vehicles belonging to the service station and dismissed his brother’s claims that such a move would lead to loss and damage to him.
“The move was initiated after he (Sabir) was instructed by majority shareholder [TSS Investments] to collect and account for assets at the service station,” Sabir’s lawyer said.
The counsel said Sabir was acting on instruction from his father.
The court directed the matter be taken to registry for mention.


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