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The meaning of special letters in your name

The alphabet of your cornerstone and capstone in your name. Graphic by
Do you have trouble finishing what you start? Maybe that has something to do with the “special letters” in your name.
Then a numerologist refers to the “special letters” in your name they are usually referring to the “Cornerstone and Capstone” letters in your first name.
The Cornerstone letter is the very first letter of your name and the Capstone is the very last letter.
The first letter of your name reveals how and what you generate things in life. The last letter of your name reveals your capacity to “walk your talk” and become accomplished in life.
For example in the name Anne the Cornerstone letter is A and the Capstone letter is E.
Here is a listing of all the letters in the alphabet to help you interpret how your Cornerstone and Capstone letters affect you. Remember that this method is used in your first or last names only.


Cornerstone: You are ambitious, independent and are a natural leader. You know how to take charge.
Capstone: You know how to deliver on your promises. You have no problem striking out on your own to get things done if necessary.


Cornerstone: You are emotional, insensitive and a bit shy. You prefer that others take on leadership roles as for the most part you dislike being accountable if things go wrong.
Capstone: Your projects and goals often go awry because you cannot get past emotional hang ups enough to be effective. You take things too personally and the ensuing conflict prevents things from getting accomplished.


Cornerstone: You go on your gut feelings and often achieve your goals simply because you have an intrinsic way of understanding what people like and how things should be done. You are also not afraid of initiating a big goal that involves the cooperation of a lot of other people.
Capstone: You have a strong sense of humor and you learn from your failures. You accomplish most of your goals simply because you are so persistent and optimistic.


Cornerstone: You have no problem in initiating a goal but it has to be a practical one. You believe in doing a lot of research to see if something is viable before you plunge right in.
Capstone: You have the stamina, persistence and powers of concentration to steel you through any difficulties. You almost always succeed but when they don’t, it is usually because you were too rigid or stubborn somehow.
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