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This Tasmanian Island will give any couple willing to move there a house and job

Tasmania Island. PHOTO/COURTESY
Depending on how strong your relationship is, this will either sound like a romantic six-month getaway or the plot of The Shining. According to The Telegraph, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service is looking for couples to apply to be caretakers of Maatsuyker Island, a 460-acre island located six miles off the southern coast of Tasmania, for periods from March to September or September to March for the next two years.
For “safety reasons,” they are actually encouraging couples to apply together if they “can demonstrate they have spent time together in a remote setting,” according to the application.
So whats’ the catch? If selected, the only time you could leave the island during your six month stay would be a helicopter evacuation in case of an emergency. Otherwise you’ll be completely cut off from the mainland. Did I mention there’s no internet or TV?
But if you’re okay living on a “sometimes wet and often windswept island” with minimal contact from anyone else, this might be the job for you.
Since the island’s lighthouse station is now automated, the job duties would be limited to caretaking services on the island, including maintenance of “grounds, buildings and plant and equipment,” plus carrying out daily weather observations for the Bureau of Meteorology, for which training and payment will be provided.
While you only get one resupply visit at the three month mark, there is a vegetable garden where you can grow your own food, plus you’ll have a 19th century four-bedroom, one-bath house all to yourself.
Even though spending six months totally alone with your significant other might sound crazy, the sunsets on the island look super romantic—so why not roll the dice and apply? I mean, if you can survive six months on a remote island with no internet you should probably lock that down and get married already, right?
If you’re not currently coupled up, they’ll also consider individuals applying together, which means that you and your friend could do this too.
Applications can be found here and are due by January 30, 2017.
Source: Cosmopolitan


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