Africa Eco News Magazine

$10 – $15 / Week

Our key goal is to have a dedicated spotlight on issues concerning the environment and ecology; specifically environmental degradation and conservation by ensuring they get the deserved attention from all the stakeholders in Africa and internationally.

Africa Eco News will focus its coverage environmental degradation, deforestation, pollution, diminishing glaciers and mangrove forests, wildlife and poaching, illegal fishing, support clean energy initiatives and campaigns to phase out fossil fuels, dumping of toxic waste, illegal mining, charcoal trade and impacts of climate change on different sectors of the economy and communities, not only in Africa, but also across the globe.

We will also focus attention a new headache the world is also grappling with in the digital era called e-waste, which, mostly for the African region, is generated from old mobile phones, computers, and radio and television sets.

Researchers have warned that, if not checked, this environmental eyesore could have a significant negative impact on the African continent, where growing economies mean accumulation of more electronic devices.

We also aim to spotlight the issue of plastics as they pose the biggest single threat to oceans. Today oceans are choking on millions of plastic water bottles, cups, straws and single use plastic bags that are discarded from supermarkets and households without any care about their effects to the environment.