Stephen King has a chilling diagnosis for Donald Trump’s mind

Horror master Stephen King. PHOTO/COURTESY
Horror master Stephen King says Donald Trump’s latest activity on Twitter reveals much about the president’s mind.
On Sunday, Trump retweeted a GIF that was doctored to make it seem like he had hit a golf ball at Hillary Clinton and knocked her over. It wasn’t lost on King that Trump retweeted a user named “Fuctupmind.”
What King said in his tweet:

Since the election, King hasn’t let up. During the spring, he said Trump having access to the nuclear codes was “worse than any horror story I ever wrote.”
Previously King had tweeted this about Trump:

The president can’t seem to take the Firestarter author’s heat. Earlier this year, Trump blocked King on Twitter.
But King hasn’t let up. Last month, he mockingly “banned” Trump from seeing the film “It,” which was based on his best-selling book. The movie has been number one at the box office for two weeks in a row, and is now the highest-grossing September release of all time.
This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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