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Whaah! Snake strips car thieves naked in Mombasa and forces them to dance until owner arrives

Two naked suspected car thieves who are alleged to have been forced by a snake in Mombasa to dance until the owner arrived. PHOTO/FACEBOOK/NASSORO NGAO
Mombasa and Coast region in general is renowned for bizarre stories especially those linked to genies (super natural creatures).
Stories of Mombasa men meeting veiled beautiful women and later finding themselves naked on tree tops or sleeping on the beach are common.
But the latest development of a snake forcing car thieves to dance until the owner arrives is a new spectacle in the area.
However, Bamburi, where this incident took place is not strange to bizarre tales. A few years ago, a cat’s head got stuck inside a jerry can for days sending tongues wagging about witchcraft and genies.
However, the latest tale goes that two men stole a vehicle in the neighborhood but before they could drive it away a snake appeared.
The men are said to have been forced by the snake to remove their clothes and dance in the streets until the owner arrived.
Mombasa is a known hard hunting ground for thieves. The area residents like yapping “Siku za mwizi ni arubaini” loosely translated as a thief will always be caught on the 40th day.
While many thieves have always dismissed this saying, they only thrive for a while before their 40 days arrive, when they are either arrested by the police or by witches.
Just like during other previous dramas in Bamburi, on September 5, two car thieves were taught a bitter lesson by a car owner who had ‘treated’ his vehicle to protect it from thieves.
The two men had stolen the car from the neighbourhood and their attempts to drive it away were stalled by a snake that confronted them.
Mystery still surrounds about reports that the snake forced the two thieves to strip and start dancing in the streets with the snake ‘standing guard’ according to area residents.
A crowd quickly formed around the two car thieves as they cheered as the snake ‘watched’’ until the car owner arrived.
The snake is said to have disappeared unnoticed before police arrived and arrested the ‘dancing’ car theft suspects.


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