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KEPSA to host Speaker’s roundtable with the National Assembly

The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), has partnered with the National Assembly to host the 16th Speaker’s Roundtable at Pride Inn Paradise Beach Resort in Shanzu, Mombasa, from October 13-15 2016.

This year’s Roundtable under the theme “Securing Kenya’s competitiveness through an enabling legislative framework” will focus on improving Kenya competitiveness and Kenya’s preparedness ahead of the 2017 General Elections.

The focus on election preparedness will highlight the critical role of the National Assembly in securing peaceful elections and safeguarding Kenya’s economic momentum.
Speakers at the Roundtable will include the Speaker Justin Muturi, Leader of Majority Aden Duale, Leader of Minority Francis Nyenze, Deputy Leader of Minority Jakoyo Midiwo and chairmen and vice-chairmen of Parliamentary Departmental Committees.
The Private Sector will be led by the chairman of KEPSA Dennis Awori and KEPSA CEO, Ms. Carole Kariuki.
Speaker Muturi says the Roundtable provides an important platform for meaningful engagement with the private sector on legislative issues that impact on the economy and the Kenyan public.
National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi.

“We hope this forum will offer a chance to have a structured engagement through meaningful and constructive deliberations with the private sector for the benefit of the Kenyan people especially on legislation that is to come before the floor of the house,” said the speaker.

KEPSA Chairperson Ambassador Dennis Awori said that SPRT provides a structured framework for engagement with Parliamentary Departmental Committees through which the Private Sector has proposed amendments to Bills coming before the National Assembly that impact on the business environment.
“Our focus has been on proposing recommendations on amendments that enhance reforms in Kenya’s business environment,” Mr Awori said.
KEPSA CEO Ms. Carole Kariuki noted that KEPSA recognizes the role of the national Assembly in enacting laws that secure Kenya’s economic and development interests.

“The legislative process is important in informing the policies and framework for Private Sector participation in the country’s economy,” Ms. Kariuki says.

To date the Speakers Roundtable has achieved tremendous results including enactment of business reform legislation which include, the Limited Liability Partnership Act; the Partnership Act; the Insolvency Act; the Capital Markets Act; the Special Economic Zones Act; the Public Private Partnership Act; the Business Services Regulation Act; Companies Act amongst others.
KEPSA has also provided input on benchmarking against legislation in other jurisdiction to secure Kenya’s competitiveness.
For instance, KEPSA as a member of the East African Business Council and as the Council’s focal point in Kenya has been involved in reviewing standards and processes in line with regional benchmarks.
“The sum of it is that the collaboration between KEPSA and the National Assembly has witnessed active implementation of various resolutions and significant milestones have been achieved as a result through working with various departmental committees and special parliamentary committees as was the case on the recently enacted Business Service Regulation Bill” Ms. Kariuki said.


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