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World's most expensive yatchs in 2016.

LIVING LARGE:The most expensive yacht in the world in 2016 is worth US$4.5b

World's most expensive yatchs in 2016.

In the world of the richest, owning a yacht is considered middle league so the only challenge left is to see who owns the most expensive yacht out of the bunch!
The world’s richest have always been competing against each other trying to set themselves apart, whether through the biggest homes, most expensive jewelry, fastest cars and other luxury items.
But there’s something about owning an yacht that is so refined, so connected to freedom that it is no longer just an expensive buy, it’s a quick getaway!
You get on board and cruise away from all the stress of the city, surrounded just by an elite few that you wish to share the moment with. According to, owning a yacht is the closest thing to owning an island only it has a few extra advantages due to the mobility factor!
It’s time to take a look at the costliest yachts in the world.
The world’s most expensive yacht is called History Supreme and it is worth US$4.5 billion or Sh 455 billion! The yacht is believed to be owned by Malaysian businessman Robert Kuok.
Here’s the list of the World’s Most Expensive Yachts:


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