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Revealed: The world’s sinking cities

No sea in sight, but Mexico City is still sinking. Photo: Kasper Christiensen via Flickr
By Travel Correspondent
If you’ve been paying attention at all the past decade, it’s impossible not to be aware of sea-level rise and the dangers it poses to coastal cities.
While other, less apparently impacts of climate change have led to an increase in the number of deniers and even conspiracy theorists, it’s more difficult to argue that sea-level rise isn’t happening, as several cities and even countries around the world face the prospect of going under well before the turn of the next centuries.
According to, while there’s a healthy correlation between cities being located on the coast and their likelihood of being underwater within our lifetimes, many metropolitan areas on our planet are sinking, independent of their distance from any large body of water.
Here are some of the ones you might want to visit most—better go soon, just to make sure you can walk instead of swim when you arrive!


Case in point: Mexico City, which sits almost 250 miles from the nearest ocean, yet still manages to be one of the world’s sinking cities.
The explanation? According to EcoWatch, the cause of the city’s three-feet-per-year rate of sinking is groundwater extraction, the empty caverns left by which allows the porous ground to compress further, resulting in a sinking longtime residents claim they can see when they look at familiar buildings.
Fun fact: Mexico City was built on a drained swamp, which almost certainly also has to do with its rate of sinking. Actually, that’s not really very fun, at least not if you plan to live in or travel to Mexico City at any point in the future past about the next 50 years.
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