Sawgrass meltdown 'will make me stronger'

Three balls in the water led to a nine on his scorecard, but his good-humoured reaction when finally landing his ball on the green – raising his arms, pumping his fists – and his mock celebration at holing the putt, endeared him to American audiences.
“It was one of those really unfortunate things that happened to me there,” Knox explained.
“I guess you don’t know how you’re going to react until it happens. I decided to look on the funny side rather than the depressing side, which I guess is a good thing. It will make me stronger.
“I played 71 holes of excellent golf in that tournament. A par on that hole and, I believe, I would have finished second. So I know how well I played. It was just one of those things.
“I probably should have gone to the drop zone after my first shot went into the water. I didn’t do that and it cost me a few more. I will learn from that. And I hopefully won’t do that again – because it really is a horrible feeling.”
Source: BBC NEWS

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