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THE MIRACLE MAN: The amazing story of Morris Goodman

Morris Goodman is a man who had made it in life.
He had achieved everything he had dreamt of. He was a successful businessman, investor and everything just went the way he wanted it.
In March 1981 Morris decided to buy an airplane, a Cessna 172. He obtained his pilot’s license and on March 10, 1981, he took a flight around Chesapeake Bay and the southern tip of the Delmarva Peninsula.
Without any warning, the plane’s engine lost power. Morris attempted to maneuver the aircraft back toward the airstrip in Cape Charles, Virginia to make an emergency landing. As he approached the runway, the plane flew through a low-hung set of power lines, crashed to the ground, and flipped over.
Morris ended up in hospital completely paralysed. He broken the first and second cervical vertebrae and his swallowing reflex was destroyed. He couldn’t eat or drink, his diaphragm was destroyed and he couldn’t breathe. All he could do was blink his eyes.

Doctors who had done numerous tests on him concluded he would be a vegetable the rest of his life.
That is the picture they saw of him, but for Morris it did not matter what the doctors thought. The main thing was what he thought.

Even while sleeping on the hospital bed helpless and condemned to the status of a vegetable by doctors, Morris pictured himself being a normal person again, walking out of the hospital. He was hooked to a respirator in the ICU and doctors had concluded that he would never breathe again on his own because his diaphragm was destroyed.

The only thing that remained functional on his body was his mind, he used it to heal himself against doctors’ expectations. A little voice kept telling him, “breathe deeply, breathe deeply” and finally one day he was removed from the respirator.
Doctors were at a loss for an explanation. How could a man whose diaphragm and swallowing reflex had been destroyed be breathing again? But Morris had set himself a goal, to walk out of the hospital on Christmas Day and he did it on his own two feet as he had resolved to do.
Morris had been told by doctors that he would never walk, speak or function normally again, but today Morris walks and lives a normal life again.
He made headlines in 1981 when he recovered from the horrific injuries he had sustained in the air crash and today Morris travels the world inspiring and uplifting thousands with his astounding story.
After recovering from the horrible accident Morris co-founded Pharmascience Inc. in 1983.
planeMorris was in his Cessna 172 and was flying around Chesapeake Bay and the southern tip of the Delmarva Peninsula when it crashed. PHOTO/COURTESY
A company that focused on the industry side of pharmacy and quickly obtained distribution rights from several international pharmaceutical companies to bring their products to the Canadian marketplace.
He is at the forefront of the company’s explosive growth and development, leading it to its standing as one of the top three generic pharmaceutical companies in Canada. For people who are hurting in hopelessness, Morris has only six words for them: “Man becomes what he thinks about.”
Today Morris is known as The Miracle Man. His story demonstrates the unfathomable power and unlimited potential of the human mind.
His story should inspire you today, whether you are sick or going through untold tribulations and sufferings in life to overcome that challenge and live a normal life again.
Morris’s story has inspired me to conclude: FAITH IS BELIEVING WHEN IT IS BEYOND THE POWER OF REASON TO BELIEVE.


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