President Kenyatta criticized for attacking CJ Maraga

A cross-section of leaders have lambasted President Uhuru Kenyatta over his attacks against members of the Supreme Court led by chief Justice David Maraga.
The leaders included ACK Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit, COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli, presidential candidate in the August 8 General Election, Mr Mohammed Abduba Dida and The President of the Law Society of Kenya, Mr Isaac Okero.
President Uhuru Kenyatta hit out at the Supreme Court on Saturday questioning the grounds on which his nullification was determined.
Accompanied by his deputy, William Ruto, President Kenyatta threatened to ‘deal with’ the Judiciary should he be re-elected in 60 days.
“Even if you are so stupid, ask yourself something: The people elected an MCA, results were transmitted, and no one asked questions. Those of MPs and senators were transmitted, and no one asked questions and they have been sworn in. “Those of governors were transmitted, no one asked questions. Now how do four people and wake up and say there was a technicality in the transmission of the results of the President only? How?” the president asked.
The President also threatened to deal with the Supreme Court judges if he is re-elected.
Bishop Sapit warned politicians against making inflammatory remarks against the Supreme Court and urged them to respect the court’s ruling on the just concluded  August 8 General Election presidential petition.
Mr Atwoli has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to sober up while addressing the public.
He has also urged President Kenyatta to take his time before he starts politicking because he would make a lot of mistakes in the process.
Mr Atwoli said that the president should not be “emotional, rational” and that he has no moral authority to lash and to fire at the nulling judges.
“So I’m appealing to his Excellency the President to be a little bit sober, to sober up because even the way he’s addressing the public he appears not sober. He should be himself, if I was President Uhuru Kenyatta today I would be still thinking what to do, you just don’t hit the road immediately and start politicking, you will make a lot of mistakes in the process,” he said.
Mr Atwoli said even those people who voted for President Kenyatta would change their mind and say, ‘this is not the right person.’
“And you still have a large following in Kenya sober up you have your supporters, Raila has his supporters, ” the COTU secretary general said.
Mr Dida, hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta noting he will lose in the fresh election ordered by the Supreme Court.
Mr Dida, the leader of the Alliance for Real Change (ARC), reiterated that NASA leader Raila Odinga will defeat Uhuru if the polls will be conducted in a free, fair and credible manner.
In a statement, Dida also revealed he would drop his presidential ambition and support the former Prime Minister.
“From Uhuru Kenyatta’s reactions after the Supreme Court ruling, even a class one kid will tell you that Raila Odinga will win the election in November if the election is free and fair. Uhuru knows very well that he is a one-term president. I will not contest, I’ll support Raila Odinga, he means well for this great nation,” Mr Dida stressed.
The President of the Law Society of Kenya, Mr Isaac Okero, said while the President is entitled to express dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court of Kenya ruling, it was wrong for him to describing the Chief Justice and other judges of the Supreme Court of Kenya as ‘wakora’ (crooks or scoundrels).
“The President is obliged by our supreme law to respect, uphold and safeguard the constitution. This obligation extends to respecting, upholding and safeguarding the rights of the Chief Justice and each of the judges of the Supreme Court of Kenya under Article 28 to have their inherent dignity respected and protected and to the fundamental freedom under Article 25 from degrading treatment,” Mr Okero said.
The LSK boss said the president’s remarks violated this fundamental obligation adding that LSK condemned this violation unreservedly.

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