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The world’s largest cruise ship is like a floating island

Engineers and designers often push themselves to design the biggest objects possible. This fact was most recently witnessed when the space transportation firm Stratolaunch unveiled the world’s largest airplane late last week.
Now MSC Cruises, a Swiss-based company, has just advanced the measurements in the field of world’s largest, this time with a cruise ship. MSC Cruises tapped the Oslo-based shipyard STX France to build two of what will be the largest cruise liners in the world.
The announcement came during the unveiling of the Meraviglia, a 5,714-passenger boat that was also built by STX France, at an event attended by France’s newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron.
The soon-to-be world’s largest vessels, which have been dubbed as MSC’s World Class fleet, will measure a whopping 1,082 by 154 feet. This will mean the fleet can spend more time at sea without having to refuel, feature more amenities, and, naturally, house more guests.
A lot more guests: The 2,750 cabins will hold roughly 6,850 people. For historical reference, a century ago, when the Titanic left the shores of England as the world’s largest ocean liner, there were 2,228 passengers onboard.
According to Architectural Digest this means that MSC’s World Class fleet will hold roughly three times as many passengers. The first of the two ships will debut in 2022, with the second set to be unveiled in 2024.


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