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Top 10 most expensive weddings of all times

Here we will talk about the list of top 10 most expensive weddings of all times. We all l know that weddings are the most celebrated occasion in the world and people spend a lot on them.
In past, there was no trend of expensive weddings and people mostly wanted to have simple weddings but now the situation is changed. Nowadays people love to spend more on weddings to maintain their status and show off others as well.
It is also prohibited by many religions not to spend more on weddings, but people are not following it. As the cost of everything in this world is increasing day by day which is more making them expensive.
Prince of Brunei during his wedding. Photo courtesy of Most Luxurious List.
Some people want to have their weddings more lavish. Usually, the most expensive weddings in this world are only done by famous celebrities, business tycoons, and royal families as well.
Weddings are the most celebrated occasions in the whole world, and it has different methods in all religions. They not only spend on the functions of marriage but also their invitation cards and all accessories.
In this article, compiled by, we will specifically talk about top 10 most expensive weddings of all times.
The following are top 10 most expensive weddings of all times. Read More:


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