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Mombasa County signs renewable energy solutions MoU with US solar firm worth more than Sh 3.8 billion

Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Shariff and the Managing Director of Solar Tyme, Ms Jonell Carol-Minefe, witness the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two parties. PHOTO/COURTESY


Mombasa County has signed an agreement with an American solar firm that plans to invest more than Sh 3.8 billion (US$ 25 million) in renewable energy projects in the county.

The memorandum of understanding was signed on Wednesday with the US based firm, Solar Tyme, to among others set up solar plant to generate power to run Coast General Hospital and other strategic installations in the county.

“We have signed an MoU with the Mombasa County to conduct a feasibility study on how we are going to help them reduce air-pollution, curb greenhouses gases emissions and generate cost-effective, efficient and reliable renewable energy solutions,” the managing director of Solar Tyme, Ms Jonell-Carol-Minefe, told Africa Eco News in an interview.

The MoU signing ceremony held in Mombasa was witnessed by Governor Abdulswamad Shariff and Solar Tyme Kenya Country Director Hassan Wario.

Ms Carol-Minefe said they expected to invest between US$25 million to US$ 34 million in clean energy projects that include a solar plant, installation of electric and solar charging power-points, supply of solar-powered generators and air-conditioners and solar photovoltaic and retrofitting for rural households.

“Our MoU with Mombasa County is focused on helping it reduce the cost of doing business in the county through investments in clean energy solutions and also help it curb greenhouse gases emissions blamed for global warming and the resultant climate change impacts,” the Solar Tyme boss said.

Ms Carol-Minefe said the feasibility study expected to start in January next year will also explore the possibility of Mombasa County attracting investments in carbon credit trading projects.

Carbon credits are generated by activities like protecting forests and wetlands, providing clean cook stoves to households that don’t have access to electricity, and switching to low-carbon forms of agriculture.

Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Shariff and the Managing Director of Solar Tyme, Ms Jonell-Carol-Minefe, witness the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two parties. PHOTO/COURTESY

Mombasa County is home to thousands of acres of mangrove forests that are mostly degraded and can be restored through reforestation and it also has a big population that relies on firewood and charcoal for cooking that can be tapped into utilizing clean energy pellets and energy saving cooking stoves as part of the carbon credit trading initiatives.

Ms Carol-Minefe said their company was currently working on renewable energy projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Cameroon.

“Apart from Kenya we are also exploring the possibilities of venturing in Zimbabwe, South Africa and South Sudan,” she added.

Speaking during the MOU signing ceremony at the governor’s office, the county executive secretary for Water, Natural Resource and Climate Change Resilience, Dr Emily Achieng’ said the county administration was committed in greening the transport sector.

“As a county we have taken a big step towards greening our transport sector because it is one of the sectors producing a lot of greenhouse gases,” Dr Achieng said.

The CES said through the MOU, Mombasa County would be able to initiate solutions against global warming and mitigate against impacts of climate change.


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